Miam Miam Rose 067.jpg

'...a performer, strong and impressive, glistening with a silver sweat, rose to the podium in a boisterous entrance -crowd held at bay as during his flexes, stretches and gyrations a metal hoop is pulled from side stage; he tests its durability giving the impression that he's done this before and quite successfully. It's a feat of strength as he begins to stretch this staunch hoop with every clenched grasp, arches tugged minutes on end, he yanks and jerks to no avail only producing exasperation and sweat. Hardly dissuaded he continues to tug on the faulty metallic ring as if it were meant to open a portal to something and reveal some hidden intent. The crowd duped, cheated of their finale, begins to disperse under the flat baking gaze of the sun; the trick revealed as they left, the strident masculine man is but a child without strength, stature or substance; to the side a faux metallic pinwheel with its matte stripe patterns spinning silently in the wind...'